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St John Baptist De La Salle

St John Baptist De La Salle was born in Rheims, France on 30th April 1651. He belonged to the nobility, a rich man who became a priest. He was also highly educated.

In his time, only the children of the rich were entitled to an education and also could not be controlled by the parents who needed to work.

St John Baptist De La Salle renounced his riches and set up an order for young men who were given basic teacher training. He set up the Order of the ‘La salle Brothers’ to teach young boys, in schools which opened their doors to all, irrespective of financial background.

Today the orders of the La Salle Brothers is found all over the world. This organisation has extended its services to various fields of education which includes schools for orphans, schools for normal primary and secondary education, Vocational Schools and Universities.

The Malaysian chapter of the La Salle organisation began in 1852, when St Xavier’s Institution of Penang was set up.

St George’s Taiping opened its doors to educate young men of Taiping in the year 1915.

Here are two portraits of St John Baptist De La Salle:

Portrait 1

Portrait 2

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