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 This Declaration of Aspiration is undertaken with the
realisation of the sovernity of God and with deep gratitude
to Him that this institution has inherited the priceless
LaSallian tradition - a tradition of the development of the
individual in fulfillment of his destiny in relation to his

 The contributions of the founder and the supporters
of the LaSallian spirit toward universal human civilization
have been engraved in History. In the Malaysian context,
the contributions of LaSalle schools to the development of
this nation, especially in the field of education, have
been recorded in local History. Sekolah Menengah St.George,
the inheritor of the LaSallian tradition,
will draw upon the wealth of this tradition to meet the
challenges of the present and future in line with the
National Ideology , The National Philosophy of Education
and Vision 2020.

 Sekolah Menengah St.George will function as a
Planner, Motivator, Developer and Implementor of
education. It will be Proactive, Innovative and Creative
in the performance of such functions. The execution of
such roles will be tempered with the wise usage of
discretionary powers. Sekolah Menengah St.George will
endeavour to overcome any manifest or latent constraints
that threaten the attainment of our educational
objectives. Sekolah Menengah St.George aims to create
a truly Caring School Society - one that is appreciated
and supported by the Administrators, Teachers and

 Sekolah Menengah St.George adheres to the principle
that all individuals be accorded the freedom to education
and to obtain education to freedom. The mission of this
institution is to bring about the realisation of the
potentials of the individual through the integration
of the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical
faculties anchored upon the belief in God. Such individuals
will then be able to contribute towards the well being
of this society at large.

 The honourable mission of the Institution is to be
approached based upon the principle of harnessing all
available resources (man,material,time) towards the
moulding of well-balanced students under its roof.

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