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20th June 1914
 The foundation stone for the main building was laid by
The Honourable Mr. Oliver Marks, Acting British Resident of
Perak. The first Brother Director was Brother James Gilbert.
The land for the school was donated by 2 brothers: Kwa Chooi
Song, Kwa Chooi Kim and Kwa Chin Chuan.

18th January 1915
 The Saint George's Institution opened its doors for the
first time to 49 young boys. There were 7 teachers. The first
building was a wooden one.
16th September 1915

 The central 3-storey building that still forms the central
portion of the school was completed. This building, known as the
Doll's House was declared open officially by the British Resident
Mr. R.G.Watson .

 The Junior Cambridge class was started and students went up
to Ipoh to sit for the examinations. The school was now managed
by Brother Dennis and Brother Edward.

 The student population now topped 300. The School Cadet Corps
was formed.

 Brother Hannan Paul took over from Brother Edward and later on,
Brother Henry was appointed Director for a span of 8 months.

 The First Scout Troop of Perak was started at St.Georges.

21st July 1924

 Ismail Khan left for England to read Law. He was the first
Georgian to enter University.

16th August 1924

 The first Annual School Sports - the weather was very bad.

26th July 1929

 The school received electricity supply for the first time
at 5.45 p.m.

 The entire front block, inclusive of the Hall was completed.
The first Georgian school Magazine was published.


 Ong Hock Sim received the 'Queen's Scholarship' Award.

16th April 1932
 The St.John's Ambulance was started.

 The Second World War broke out. The school was converted
into the Headquarters and was also used as a hotel for Japanese

21st August 1945
 Japan surrendered.

19th September 1945

 The British Army acquired Taiping again.

1st October 1945
 The school was re-opened with 718 students. S.M. King
Edward VII shared our school building in the afternoon.

9th February 1946
 The Old Georgians Association was established with
Ong Hock Sim as the president.

 Land for the Primary School was acquired.

 The Primary school started to function as a seperate

3rd August 1964
 The Brother Gilbert Memorial Science Laboratories
was declared open.

 6th Form Science Classes began.

 The school Police Cadet Corps was established.

1st May 1970
 6th Form Arts Classes started.

 The Parent-Teacher Association was formed.

 The new block above the canteen was completed.


 The Primary School was split into 2;
 SRK St.George 1 and SRK St.George 2.


 SM St.George became the National Champion in the
 Life Saving Competition.

 Brother Charles Levin, PJK took over as Brother Director.

 The School Welfare Club was established. The Brother Leo
Memorial Lecture Theatre were set up.

 The La Salle Multi-Purpose Courts was completed.

1st August 1992

 Brother Charles Levin retired. With that the era of the
La Sallian Brothers was brought to a close after having served
St.Georges for 77 years.


 The Living Skills workshop and the staff room were renovated.

 The school Data Centre was established.

The 80th Anniversary Celebration.
The 1995 Development Project was launched. The School resource centre,
Computer Room and the Projection Room were renovated. Under the
Special Projects there was re-roofing and re-wiring done.
The 'Cleanathon' project was held in order to raise funds for the school


The front portion of the school was renovated.


The school was re-painted.
All classes had switched to whiteboards from the traditional blackboards.

TODAY, 15th AUGUST 1998

Mr. Patrick Teoh Seng Hock retires as a teacher after serving the school for 33 years.
The SGI homepage is officially launched
The prize-giving ceremony takes place in the school hall

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